Open an Account

You will need to open an account before any foreign exchange transaction can be booked with us. There is no cost nor are you obligated to book any transactions.

Please decide which type of account you would need. Either as a Private Client or a Corporate account. To help decide it is usually going to depend on the bank account where funds will be sent from.

Do you wish to open the account as a Private Client or Corporate Client ? (Please click one)


Private Clients

We have a two stage registration. The first stage asks you for basic contact details. It will then send you an email with a link to confirm. Once this has been done and email address has opted-in. A second email will be sent with a link to the second stage of registration. This is a slightly longer form but should take no more than ten minutes to complete. If you are a British citizen you will only need to input your passport and driving license numbers. For others we may come back to request a copy of utility bill or bank statement to verify location.

Corporate Clients

Corporate clients have a six-page form to complete to ascertain company details and shareholders owning 25% or more of the company.