Ireland FX has always worked well through referrals and word of mouth offering a fantastic service to the business or private client looking to do a transfer. This is reflected in kudos being received by the referrer.  The Partnership Programme was developed back in 2008 as a way to give thanks for those wanting to work with us.

Obviously, as we are a provider giving BEST currency exchange rates we are not going to make you rich overnight. However, this programme is more if you are interested in looking after your client with the values of integrity and offering good all-round service. For clients introduced we offer a generous share of our commission. No extra costs are levied to the client.  As they keep saying on Dragons Den, it is better to give something away and benefit from someone else’s network than not at all !

Some types of people, businesses that we work with :

Estate agents, IFAs, brokers of international businesses, recruitment agencies, online businesses, retailers and suppliers, anyone with a personal and professional network,lawyers, accountants, property developers and business advisor’s.


Please contact us to discuss further how we can work together.