Businesses paying foreign suppliers
Typically, these are Small and medium enterprises that have purchased stock or service and have now been given an invoice to settle in the suppliers own currency. We help decipher the payment instruction, banking format to ensure they are paid the correct amount and in a timely manner. Once those supplier details have been sent once they can be stored in your payee directory avoiding any future mistakes that lead to delays and further expense.

Businesses with offices overseas
A regions office may support the smaller branch offices that are located in various nearby countries to pay local staff and office costs. As well as assisting with the transfer of funds on a regular basis we help manage the timing of these trades to ensure the BEST rate is achieved over a slightly longer time perspective.

Owners with property abroad
Owning a property period is usually one of the bigger assets for a majority of people. Owning one abroad is no different only in that it is exposed to currency risk. This starts from the moment you haggle with lawyers to negotiate a good price to settling the mortgage possibly some 30 years later. We help fix rates, make regular payments and raise alerts when the market is moving in different directions.

Retired expats
Having worked hard for many years you would have slowly built up a nest-egg pension which is started to flow. If you have then moved overseas yet you pension is being received in your home currency we can assist in getting BEST rates in addition to great customer service and being able to manage your account overseas via our Online Platform. Our platform works with tablets, desktop computers and smartphones…anywhere really which can get an internet connection.

Overseas workers
For busy workers who do not have the time to time the market we help our clients with rate alerts, online account management, ease of transfer repatriating hard-earned money back home.

Car Purchase
Purchasing your next vehicle overseas could create a currency saving potentially in the thousands. For example when sterling is cheap against the euro a common event seen is that Ireland car imports rise.