We use state-of-the-art technology that adheres to the latest good practise standards. This allows us to keep our processes valid and our service open 24×7 each day to ensure your international money transfer works everytime.

Save Money
The foreign exchange rates we offer are some of the BEST in the marketplace. This means that more of your money stays with you. We offer genuine long-term low spreads and not in the business of offering a loss-leading rate only to have it slowly creep up over time. Come talk to us about the rates you have been getting, we can go back and figure out your transfer costs and can then design a pricing matrix that is conducive to your frequency and volume of trades.

Have Control
With our Online Platform you can easily execute trades as well as manage your account completely by yourself. There is no reason to talk to us (of course we are always with you every step of the way). For those that do, we do have a Trading desk too.

Hedging for currency risk mitigation
Agreeing a price for something today but not paying for it till some time later? Then you’d probably want to ask us about hedging and perhaps want to get a quote on that matches the timing of your transaction meaning any adverse currency movement in between the time of agreeing and sending over funds will be eliminated. Ask us for a Currency Forward quotation.

Our service has been designed to be as simple as possible. Our online Platform guides you through the process in a clear way. While there is a lot of work, technology, processes and procedures behind us we keep our message simple.

Banking Network
Via our bankers we are plugged into Swift – the banking network through which the financial world conducts business with over 10,000 financial institutions and corporations in over 212 countries. Our front-end technology uses advanced cloud technology designed specifically for Foreign Exchange markets. This combination ensures a robust mechanism to ensure your funds arrive safely at their destination as expected.

Rest assured that client funds sit in segregated accounts. What this means is if something were to be happen to our business accounts your funds are unaffected and would not in anyway be involved. As a side fact, on average client money sits in our accounts for a few hours. In general terms clients sending the currency to be SOLD to us arrive from the originating bank first thing in the morning and in most cases our same day onward transfers leave in the afternoon.

In addition we also use secure digital certificates on any website pages that reveal personal information.